M2North: A Brief History

M2North believe in the power of private business.

Since the year 2000, we have worked hard to create a set of online tools and services that cover every phase of B2B procurement. From sourcing products, to ordering; from enquiry to invoice, we provide tools to buyers and seller that make businesses more effective.

We are a supply chain optimisation company who spreads business between companies big and small, all around the world.

How we do it

We connect businesses of all sizes, using all forms of electronic data interchange, be it XML, EDI, IDOC, CSV via countless methods, including FTP, SOAP, SFTP, FTPS, Connect:direct, Odette and even email.

Our service connect systems that include SAP, SAP Business One, Baan, Oracle, Pastel, Pastel Evolution, Accpac, Quickbooks as well as custom systems.

We also provide an online environment where all these business transactions can be dealt with, queried and managed, providing a single point for buyers to order and sellers to service.

Source, don't search

We're excited to announce the first in a series of videos that will showcase some of the new features and products we're building here at M2North.

The first of these videos is on Sourcing, a great new way for buyers to find new products and sellers online. In turn, Sourcing offers excellent exposure for sellers to promote their products to the 30,000+ trading partners on our network.

Check it out and post your feedback and comments below.

For more information on our Premium Sourcing plan for sellers, please contact us or you can sign up directly here.

Inbox - your transactions, all in one place

The new inbox from M2North makes it even easier to review, manage and confirm orders.

The new inbox from M2North makes it even easier to review, manage and confirm orders.

We're constantly trying to make things better. Some might say we're a little OCD about it, but we believe that there's always a way to make something better.

That's why we've created the new inbox. We've put down some answers a couple questions you may have around the new-look…

How do I access the inbox? 

You can access the inbox from your own dashboard, after logging into the system. You can log into M2North here.

If you don't have a username and password, no hassle. You can create one on the same login page or contact our customer service centre and we'll help you through the process step by step. 

So, what's new about the inbox?

We've created an online view of all transactions, arranged chronologically from newest to oldest. You'll see the coloured line running down the left of the order list -- green indicates the order is recent, red means it needs your immediate attention as the order has been outstanding for some time.

We've included relevant details on each order to make it easier to identify, like partner, order date, time, number of lines and rand value. This means you can tackle orders based on your priority for example confirm all orders under or over a certain value or quickly work through orders of only 3 or less lines. 

How do I confirm orders?

You can manually confirm orders individually, or select multiple orders and confirm in bulk. PDF versions of each order are located in the far right column, so they're easy to access in a viewable format.

Does the inbox replace the partner status report?

Not necessarily. While you can confirm orders on both the status report and via the inbox, the partner status report is mainly for notification purposes, sent on a daily basis. The inbox also allows you to confirm bulk orders, and get a historical view of all orders over time, giving a good snapshot of all orders in one place. If you want see a record of all confirmed orders, click on the History tab in the dashboard.

And the Response Required e-mail? Is this also not a duplication?

We like to be thorough, to ensure that you don't miss any orders or transactions. We know that one missed delivery can bring a major mine operation to a standstill. The "Response Required" email is sent out at least once a week on orders that are more than 5 days old. If you use the inbox effectively, in theory, you won't ever receive a "Response Required" email as all your orders will be up to date.

As always, we'd love your feedback, so please stay in touch with us. Our Development Team are always happy to get suggestions (and compliments, of course, which we pass onto them when they surface from underground after days of coding).

Log into your new inbox here.

Introducing the new M2North Dashboard

Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.
― Henry David Thoreau

There's nothing quite like simplicity. In design. In life. But specifically in the way you work. Really, who needs the hassle of filtering out irrelevant information or wasting time navigating a complicated site to find what you need?

That's why we've decided to minimise the level of complexity when it comes to managing your M2North transactions. The new-look Dashboard gives a holistic view of your account in a single interface, with a couple new features to make your life a little bit easier. 

One. The new inbox allows you to immediately see if any transactions are outstanding, 24/7. You can also confirm orders in real time, working through a chronological list. Never miss another order from your customer again, and ensure you're always a champion on delivery.

Two. We've created a cool new product called Sourcing, a search tool that has indexed all the data of our 32,000 strong trading partner network to give you access to any product and supplier. You can access the Sourcing tool from your Dashboard.

Three . Keep record of any recent activity on M2North with the activity tab, which keeps track of any orders received, orders confirmed and all RFQ responses across your profile. No duplication, ever.

Four. Get access to all your previous orders and invoices online with the History feature, making it easy to keep track for audit purposes.

Five.  When it comes to online presence, it's really about the GIGO principle (garbage in, garbage out). The better quality information you supply, the easier it is for people to find you online. We've used the Dashboard to give you a better idea of how to leverage your online profile through badging, uploading your products, and having the best connection and sourcing plan that suits your business. Plus you can upload and access all tenders online.

Six. 100% up to date and unsure of what to do next? We've created a new feature "next steps" that gives suggestions on what you can do to take full advantage of M2North.

You can sign up or log into your personal Dashboard here.

We'd love to hear your feedback, give us a call or complete the feedback form.